Every Child Deserves An After School Snack

We Make Sure that Every Child Staying at The Mustard Seed Shelter
in Saginaw, Michigan Has a Snack After School

How did Project Pudding Start?

Project Pudding started because pudding was on sale.

A few weeks earlier, I interviewed the founder and also the executive director of The Mustard Seed Shelter in Saginaw.  The Mustard Seed is a shelter for homeless women and single moms with kids who are homeless.  Many are living in their cars.

In the interview, the director shared that they didn’t have enough money for the kids to have after school snacks.

About a week later, I was walking through the grocery store.  Pudding was on sale.  Four for $5.  

“You know, $5 and those kids have snacks for a day.” a voice said inside of me.

I thought about it.  And decided to take action.

But I didn’t want to do this alone.  So I reached out to six other people.

“Would you like to donate $5 so that these kids can have a snack when they come home from school?”

We didn’t get $5.

We raised $165 instead.

I was so moved by their generosity.

The trunk of my car was full of snacks.  Enough for those kids to have an after-school snack for a month.

What came after … I could not have predicted …

I shared a story on Facebook.  About what had happened.

The response was overwhelming.

How can I be a part of Project Pudding?

How can I donate?

How can I help?

Project Pudding went from one time event to a thing.

We are now coming together to make sure that these kids have a snack every day.